So you’re struggling with hair breakage… sucks right? I can only assume that you have tried every harry and bob when it comes to ‘miraculous damage reversing shampoos and conditioners’ for hair breakage. I’ve been there too. But maybe it doesn’t have to be that hard. Maybe we can make some simple changes to our routine so that we don’t cause the breakage in the first place and have to go through all the mess in the aftermath. So, here are my five top tips on how you can prevent hair breakage and thinning:

  1. Cut out the heat: We know you’ve heard this one, but we’re telling you again. High temps strip your hair of its moisture and can make bonds fracture. Enough said. Use a heat protectant, or get outta here. 
  2. Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet: Your hair is its stretchiest when its wet, and the most prone to breakage. Patience my dear friend, wait till she dries before going in with the comb. 
  3. Wash me less: Your natural hair oils will not have a chance to nourish the ends of your hair if you are constantly stripping those oils away. Top tip: wear a silk sleeping cap to bed to disperse your natural hair oils from your roots to your tips. 
  4. Stay away from sulphate shampoos and chemicals: As these nasties will leave your locks frizzy, dry, and brittle. Opt for those natural ones, your hair will love you for it. 
  5. Hold up on the bleach: bleaching will make your hair brittle and weak, and much more prone to breaking. If you can help it, give the bleach a rest for a while, while your hair blossoms into the healthy strands you know it can be. 

There you have it. My five top tips to prevent hair breakage. I hope you can try implementing at least one of these tips, and I look forward to hearing any other tips you may have in the comments below.

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