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Which is better for me? A silk pillowcase or silk sleeping cap?

What are the benefits, and which is right for you? 

So you have heard about the benefits of silk for your hair and skin, and have started looking into how you could incorporate them into your beauty routine. You have probably realised you have two main options, a silk pillowcase or a silk cap. There are so many amazing benefits to both, so which one should you choose? 


Although it is certainly an investment for your beauty routine, I can assure you it is 110% worth it. Not only does it have countless benefits for both your skin and hair, but all you have to do to see the benefits is sleep! Who knew skin and hair care could be so simple? Some of the amazing benefits include:  

ANTI – BED HAIR AND BREAKAGE | When you sleep on a cotton pillowcase, your hair rubbing on the cotton creates friction, which leads to frizz, breakage, and split ends. This is all prevented when you sleep on a silk pillowcase, as your hair follicles can easily glide along the material. Say hello to waking up with amazing, silky locks. 

ANTI – SLEEP CREASE | Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will prevent your delicate skin from sleep creases and premature wrinkle formation. It also won’t absorb your skins moisture and facial creams, leaving your products where they should be: on your skin (Yay to moisturised, glowing skin).

ANTI – AGING HORMONE | Silk is a very cooling material, and studies show that when your body is cool at night, it releases the crucial anti-aging hormone melatonin. 

HYPOALLERGENIC | Silk is a naturally hypoallergenic material, with a  natural resistance to dust mites, fungus and mould, in addition to many other allergens. 



All about that hair baby! A silk cap will become your secret to beating bad hair days. Although using a silk pillowcase does have hair benefits, wearing a silk cap is has more benefits for your hair health – keep reading to find out how: 

NO MORE FRIZZ OR BED HEAD | Your hair is completely protected in a silk cocoon. So, no friction, no cool damp air, and no hair rustling throughout the night. This means no chance of frizz in the morning, and no time wasted restyling your hair.  

OILY ROOTS AND DRY TIPS | Wearing a silk sleeping cap encourages your natural hair oils to disperse from roots to tips, reducing oil build up at the roots and nourishing your dry ends. This means you don’t have to wash your hair as often and you can save money on expensive masks and oils. What a better way to nourish your hair than naturally?  

SO LONG SPLIT ENDS | Silk protects your hair strands from moisture absorbing cotton, so your hair maintains its hydration. It also reduces friction, which in turn reduces split ends, saving you trips to the hair dressers. 

BYE BYE BABY HAIRS | Not only will sleeping on silk promote hair growth, but it will protect your stubborn baby hairs, encouraging their growth. Say goodbye to those fly aways! 


So now that you know all of the benefits of a silk pillowcase and a silk cap it is time to decide which is right for you: a silk cap, a silk pillowcase, both? It all comes down to what area of your beauty routine you are looking for the most improvement. The silk pillowcase is going to have more benefits for your skin, and the silk cap will focus more on improving your hair’s health. If you would like to view our more thorough checklist of which one is right for you, head to our why it works page. Personally, I use both the sky silk pillowcase set and the coal sleeping cap, and now cannot sleep without them.

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