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8 Haircare tips you can implement right now to improve your hair health

Sometimes I feel like my hair has a mind of its own. And sometimes, it does not agree with me. But there are some simple tricks I have researched over time, and through experience that make all the difference. These hair care tips won’t cost you an arm and a leg, or heaps of time. They will however, help you grow the hair of your dreams.

Tips for washing your hair:

    1. Apply a pre-oil treatment – Before you jump in the shower to wash your hair, apply and massage in some yummy coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil into your hair to pre-condition it. Do this an hour before you shower to allow time for your hair to soak up that moisture, leaving your hair soft and subtle.
    1. Use cold water – Try your best to use lukewarm or cold water in the shower, as hot water can leave your hair cuticle fragile, dehydrated, and hence can lead to split ends. However if it’s a chilly night and you really need that hot flow, try rinsing your hair with lukewarm water right before you step out of the shower.
    1. Conditioning – This may be a self explanatory tip, but it sure is an important one. Only condition the ends of your hair, as conditioning your scalp will lead to unnecessary oil build up at your roots. This will make you need to wash your hair more often, and hence dehydrate your hair more often.
  1. Change up your shampoo – Shampooing your hair often can be extremely dehydrating and damaging, as you are stripping your hair from its natural oils. Try to opt for a natural shampoo, and/or dilute your shampoo in your hand with water before applying to your roots.

Tips for brushing your hair

    1. Brushing for curly hair – If you have crazy frizzy hair like I do, you would know that brushing your hair when it’s dry can become a serious dilemma. I like to brush my hair in the shower with conditioner and a wide tooth comb. The conditioner helps the knots fall right out, and the wide tooth comb easily slides through the hair shafts. If you have just come out of the shower and your hair is wet, try not to brush it, as your hair is the most fragile at this point, so tugging will create some knots and damage.
  1. Roots to tips – When you brush your hair, start from your tips and work your way up to your roots. This will prevent excessive breakage, and more knots from forming.

Night time routine

    1. Hair oil – Applying a small amount of hair oil to your ends before you go to bed will aid with frizziness and dryness, and will make your hair feel so wonderfully soft. I do this whenever I’m feeling my hair looks a little frizzy or dry.
  1. Use a silk hair cap I wear my silk hair cap to bed every night, and since doing so have seen a massive improvement in my hair. I no longer wake up with bed hair, I don’t have nearly the amount of split ends i used to, my baby hairs are growing out, and the natural oils in my hair disperse evenly. 
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