Yes! Just remember to use a cool iron inside out.

Yes! Our pillowcases are made with a high grade quality silk. You can wash your silk in the washing machine on a gentle, cold wash with ph neutral detergent. We recommend using a wash bag for all of our products to protect the silk from other garments in the wash.

Both our silk caps and pillowcases should be used with dry hair.

Using hair products and sleeping with a silk cap or silk pillowcase is fine if you allow the products to dry before you go to bed. However, the silk cap nourishes your hair with your natural hair oils, so it may not be necessary to put many products on your hair.

Our pillowcases are 70cm x 50cm, which will fit any international standard/ queen size pillow. Our silk pillowcases are made with an invisible zipper, so that your pillowcase won’t fall off of your pillow. Yay!

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