Tips from a girl who loves straight hair but hates straightening it

As a Japanese/Australian with super long, thick and curly hair I know the time, arm ache and effort that goes into straightening a literal mane of hair. That is why I have perfected my straightening routine to get up to 5 days of sleek straight hair. So, here’s my 9 tips to making your straightened hair last longer.


Although there are many precautions you can take to minimise the effects of straightening, the process will always be slightly drying and damaging to your hair. I highly recommend applying a hydrating and repairing hair mask before you straighten your hair to help combat this. I have found that this helps to keep my hair healthy and gives it a boost of hydration right before the process. If you don’t have a hydrating or repairing hair mask, and you don’t want to purchase one, you can try out some super simple DIY hair masks here. After your hair mask, allow your hair to air dry if possible.


Sectioning your hair into layers on each side will ensure you can straighten from the very root of your hair. Personally, I like to section my hair into three layers on each side, but find what works for you. This step is very important for getting rid of puffiness and achieving that sleek straight hair.
Using a brush or comb


Heat protectant will work wonders at protecting your hair and is definitely worth the investment for your hair’s health. Another bonus is that it helps your hair stay straight for longer. I’ve been using the John Frieda 3 Day Straight (RPP: $16.99) for a while now and have definitely noticed that it keeps my hair super sleek and straight, even on a humid night out!


If you are trying to achieve dead straight hair this is a MUST! Using a brush or comb to guide your hair perfectly straight and evenly layered into the flat iron will ensure each strand is straightened to perfection. I love to use a radial brush with boar bristles as a normal brush does not provide enough tension and my hair knots too easily to be able to use a comb.


In the past, I would use super low heat as I was under the assumption that the temperature of the flat iron had a direct correlation with the damage to your hair, this resulted in my hair staying straight for less than 24 hrs. However, there is an optimal temperature for your hair type that will properly straighten it without causing excessive damage. Since discovering this, not only do I get way more out of the time I spend straightening my hair, but I haven’t noticed any extra damage. Here is a guide to what temperature you should be using for your hair type:

Fine hair: Stay between 150 – 170 °C as fine hair is prone to damage due to how quickly it can overheat.
Colour treated hair: Stay under 190°C to help your locks stay healthy and vibrant.
Normal hair: You should aim to use 200 °C or less to avoid damage.
Thick or super curly hair: Start at 200°C, however, if you find this is not keeping your hair straight you can work your way up to 230°C to help penetrate those locks.


I assume many of you already do this step, however, I can’t stress it enough. If you want your straight hair to last, you must wear a shower cap. Not only will the tiny splashes of water make your hair re-curl, but so will the steam from the shower. So even if you shower cap-less and manage to not get a single drop of water on your hair, you will probably find that it is still re-curling slowly over time. Just trust me, shower caps are our best friends in this situation.


Do you hate sleeping with your hair out? But you get kinks in your straight hair when you tie it up? Don’t worry I had the same problem, and I have found the answer. A silk sleeping cap: a cap made from 100% pure Mulberry silk. I pop this bad boy on at night and wake up with frizz free, kink free and perfectly straight hair. Silk has very little friction which allows your hair to move freely throughout the night without causing frizz or damage.


The silk cap will also help with this, as it disperses your natural hair oils from your roots to tips, nourishing the ends and reducing build up at the roots. However, if you find you need a little extra nourishing at your ends, you can use a good quality hair oil, such as argon oil. Dry shampoo will also help to stretch out that last day or two of having straight hair.


Inevitably there is only so much you can do for this step, however there are a few things I do to avoid my baby hair turning into a curly crown. Firstly, when exercising I pat the sweat off my face as often as possible. Although this is a tad annoying, it stops the sweat from reaching my hair line. Additionally, I always make sure I have my hair in a high bun when working out to stop my hair from picking up any sweat from my body.

And that’s all the tips I use to keep my hair looking super straight for longer. If you have any other tips, please leave them in the comments below.

xoxo – Lexie

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