We founded Strands of Silk in December 2018, with the mission to provide people with haircare in its simplest form. With our busy schedules we found ourselves struggling in our everyday lives to maintain our hairs health. We couldn’t find any simple solution, that didn’t involve numerous hair masks, expensive shampoos, brushes, and styling tools.


With some research, we discovered the benefits of sleeping with a silk sleeping cap. The benefits of hair wraps have been well documented in the African American community. After testing out the sleeping cap and seeing the improvements it brought, we wanted to share this product with women in the same situation. So we decided to go for it, and launched Strands of Silk. After multiple product testings, we found the perfect silk hair cap that ticked all the boxes. We hope to make your life easier by getting back to the basics of hair care, and improving the health of your hair for good.

Bringing you haircare in it's simplest form. Feel the difference.