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Silk pillowcase set
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Silk pillowcases close up of 5 colours
Silk pillowcase packaging on top of green silk
Silk pillowcase details
Blue and white silk pillowcase details
Pink silk pillowcase set
Dark grey silk pillowcase set
Green silk pillowcase set
Blue silk pillowcase set
Lilac silk pillowcase set

    Silk pillowcase set

    $152.00 $158.00

    Our silk pillowcases are designed to protect your skin and hair from your abrasive, old cotton pillowcases - leaving you waking up with soft, moisturised skin, and silky, smooth hair.

    Sleep on a soft, silky cloud.

    Shhh… we’re here to let you in on a little beauty secret that has been exploding the skin and hair industry as we speak. We’re talking about silk. Specifically, 100% pure 6A grade mulberry silk. Having reached cult status amongst beauty gurus, our 100% mulberry silk pillowcases redefines the term ‘beauty sleep’. Some would even say it is the ultimate beauty investment. Not to mention the soft, luxurious feel it has on your skin.

    Size = Standard size 50cm x 70cm

    Enclosure = Zipper enclosure.

    Packaging = Each pillowcase comes in a separate gift box with a magnetic enclosure. Gift wrapping is available on request. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 69 reviews
    Maria Kearney (AU)
    Very Happy

    Love my silk pillowcase, as the quality is very good and lovely to sleep on

    Anonymous (AU)

    I love the silk pillow case and sleeping cap, both are helping my hair and skin a lot and I wake up feeling so fresh, they’re amazing.

    Rob (AU)
    Great products

    I brought the silk pillowcase set. Both the hair cap and pillowcase is perfect for my curly hair. When I wake up my hair is not fly way at all. I have had silk pillowcases before but this silk is top grade silk and is beautifully made.

    Heather (AU)
    Silk strands items

    Pillow case, scrunches, night cap and hair towel, all brilliant and work a treat to calm our crazy curly hair from getting mattered.

    Dona McKinley (AU)
    Beautiful quality!

    Have been using silk pillowcases for a while. But these silk pillowcases are luxurious, they really made well and are a beautiful quality!