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Sorry have bought it for a present for Christmas and because it was so beautifully wrapped I havent opened it. But ease of ordering and speedy delivery was great 😊


Hair is smooth and perfect every morning. Have been telling all my friends about it



I noticed such a difference when I wore this to bed after washing and drying my hair. Normally my hair is frizzy and a bit like hagrid but I woke up with silky smooth hair!

Less morning frizz

Does a great job of reducing the frizz in the morning and fits well with a short bob. Would recommend buying the pillow case instead though as the cap does fall off frequently if you move a lot at night.

Love my silk sleeping cap!

Luxury at a good price

The bonnet fits my head and hair nicely and the pillowcases are a lovely silk. Good price compared to other brands offering silk pillowcases and bonnets. Happy to support an Australian small business.

Does an amazing job!!!

I can wake up now & just run my fingers or brush through my hair & go, & it’s so comfortable to wear you forget you have it on!


This has been great for my hair!

So soft and breathable

Really like it

Works a treat

I bought this cap for my daughter who uses a CPAP machine and would wake up each day with a bunch of knots in her hair. Since using this silk bonnet she no longer wakes with knots and her hair looks much healthier. Thank you.


It is soooo amazing not having to tame my wild hair every single morning!


It awesome.

Ultimate skin and hair bundle

I purchased this for my daughter she loves the pillowcase and she loves the cap but unfortunately it doesn't have enough room for all of her hair to fit in cap.


Only have used the product for one day and I already notice a difference in my natural curls, they are more defined and less frizzy and I used less leave in conditioner today than I normally do. Great for people who are of mixed race origin with naturally curly hair.

Love it!

Love my sleeping cap, best purchase! My hair is no longer a frizzy mess when i wake up in the morning. Definitely recommend to anyone thinking of buying.

Silky locks

So happy I decided to get this. Have honestly woken up with such smooth hair. Struggled with very fluffy hair that frustrated me daily and this has truly made a difference so far.

Gorgeous design and softest silk

These silk caps have been perfect for maintaining a frizz free head of curls. I can sleep with it on, twirling my bair up into a loose bun underneath and in the morning, my curls are frizz free and ready to go. I use a silk pillowslip too but the silk cap has been the best item for keeping my hair silky smooth. Highly recommend!

The silk cap feels very luxurious.My only feedback would be about the sizing.It would be great if you can make bigger sized sleeping caps coz this is small for medium to long haired people.

Luxurious, but a little small

My hair is about shoulder length and very thick. I like to wear it in pin curls, and then sleep with a cap on for as many days as possible before having to curl it again. The cap is wonderful, but it's a little small, it's difficult to get all of my hair in it, which has its pluses and minuses. On the plus side, my hair holds its curls longer, because their snuggly bunched in the cap over night. On the minus side, I don't know how much wear I'll be able to get out of the cap, because I'm continuing to grow my hair out. That being said, if you have longer thicker hair, I'd vie for a larger cap; otherwise, it's perfect!

Love it

The silk sleeping cap is just what I was after... simple, soft, cute and easy to use.

Silk pillowcase

Feels so good sleeping on the silk pillowcase. Such good quality.