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I can’t believe such a simple little product has changed my hair so much!!
After blow drying my hair at night I usually wake up with a birds nest of frizz and tangles that requires straightening or curling, but sleeping with this gorgeous little cap on I wake up with frizz free, silky and shiny hair that requires little to no styling in the morning.
I no longer wake up with a double crown (that I’ve been battling with for YEARS) and instead I wake up with a fresh blow wave that lasts until my next wash.
Although the boyfriend thinks I look like a dag with my little bo peep bonnet on at night, I couldn’t care less because my hair looks and feels fab!
Very happy 😃

Perfect for my thick hair

I love this deluxe towel. I have think hair and it takes a very long time to dry naturally. The deluxe towel fits perfectly and
Absorbs a lot of water.

Excellent results

Very happy with the silk cap. Excellent results immediately. It does everything promised and more. My fine bleached hair felt softer and was easier to style

Love it!

I was skeptical but I love this. I have curly hair which goes frizzy overnight. Not anymore though! This has saved me so much time - I don't have to wash and restyle my hair every day now.

Game Changer

I’ve woken up everyday with crazy hair all my life. For the last two weeks it has been so lovely, my hair is smooth and I don’t have to use as much heat or products on it anymore. I don’t even need to wash it as much. Game changer.


I’ve had fine flyaway hair forever and since purchasing the silk cap my hair has done a complete turnaround. When taking of the cap in the morning my hair is smooth, shiny and so easy to style, will not be without it, love it so much I recently purchased 2 more.
Try it you won’t be disappointed!!
Postage was fast and the service is outstanding
Thanks Strands of Silk

Best investment ever!

My hair has always been fine and brittle and never grew past my shoulders; until now. Since using my silk cap my hair is strong and silky and has grown past my shoulders for the first time in my life!!! Am soo so happy with my purchase ❤️❤️❤️

Best investment of my life!!!!

Oh my goodness! Why did I not hear about silk caps before now!? I have always had brittle, fine, damaged hair no matter what products I tried it was still breaking and not growing. I tried supplements etc and still my hair was like straw. Until I bought one of the silk caps and wow it has changed my life! I love my hair so much it’s so shiny and STRONG for the first time in my life it’s grown past my shoulders! In a month!!! I love love LOVE my Strand of Silk cap and I wear it religiously every night and even wine I have a cheeky little day nap! Honestly this is the best investment I have made and am so so grateful for the beautiful hair I now have!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


My hair is quite fine and can be frizzy. I am finding that my hair is less frizzy in general, and I'm waking up to fairly manageable hair (rather than crazy hair). My hair used to occasionally matte at the back, but doesn't anymore. I used to not be able to wear ponytails because my hair was too frizzy, but today was able to wear my hair in a ponytail and it stayed nice all day! So great!! I have heaps of room in the cap. It does slide off in the night often but hopefully as I get better at tying it it won't do so as much. Love it!!

Love it

My hair is even curlier in the morning after wearing it. I rarely have to refresh if I've worn it.

Keeps my silk

I’ve always had silky hair but as I sleep like a hyena I wake up with a crazy birds nest that’s frizzy for the rest of the day unless I put heat to it. Now my hair goes into the cap silky and stays silky while I sleep! Cuts down on the amount of styling I have to do which is amazing - the less heat the less it’ll break and it can finally grow!!

Curly girl routine hair

So I started following the curly girl hair care routine and I love this cap . First I thought bet I don’t wear it. Well I do and I love how it’s soneasy to care for my hair the next morning . Not too much of a touch up needed . If your following the curly girl method I certainly recommend this cap .

Great little silk cap

I have been using the cap for a few weeks now and it really does make your hair look and feel heaps better.

Lot of room, keeps down frizz

I like that the cap has room for the rather large amount of hair I have to fit loosely in the cap. It doesn't smoosh my curls and it does help keep the overnight fuzz under control so I can get up and go in the morning without having to re-wet my hair.

Too big

Unfortunately I ordered the M/L I thought it would be better as I have long hair, however it’s rarther huge with too much fabric to sleep comfortably with.
The quality of the fabric and soft grey colour is really good.
Should see if I can exchange as I haven’t worn it.


Eco and easy to use! Yay!

I am genuinely surprised that the cap stays on at night (the sceptic in me was sure it would slip off) and I LOVED the fact it arrived in a compostable bag with no unnecessary plastic packaging. Thanks for caring for my hair AND the environment!

30 Years of Frizz

Here I thought frizzy hair was part and parcel of the typical super-fine, super-delicate, super-annoying hair that has been passed down in my family. At the age of 30 (!) I had spent my entire 'youth' trying to grow my hair out (because it has gorgeous natural waves) but, alas, I had resigned myself to a lifetime of short haircuts to avoid the inevitable breakage that would occur after my hair got to chin-length (I know there are people out there who can empathize! So please read on!). The first night I put my midnight blue silky sleeping bonnet on, I giggled along with my partner - agreeing that I looked completely ridiculous and nothing this simplistic could possibly yield miracle results. WELL! He had to scoot off to work at 6:00am the next morning. But did I not call him the moment I removed my silky cap to reveal what I can only describe as my DREAM HAIR! He was suitably impressed. I honestly don't know how to put into words how incredibly effective this bonnet is. It's as if, over night, it actually persuades my hair to chill the heck out, and I wake up with hair that looks and feels as though it has been curled and smoothed by professionals. I cannot rate this product highly enough. It's given me a completely new and beautiful way of looking at my hair - I no longer scramble to 'fix' my hair. I can't wait to see the long-term benefits of my hair being so well tended to. XX

Pretty happy!

Love it! It is super good quality and feels well made, the only problem for me is it comes off my head during the night! I think I just need to tie it tighter from now on though 🙂 overall great purchase

Silk Cap

Purchased the medium/large, was a great fit. Terrific as you can tie at the back. Doesn't slip off at night either, stays on perfectly. Received the wrap as a gift and use it every single day after shower, absorbent and great fit

Holy S***

I knew this product would work because I've used silk pillows before and have noticed an improvement from that. But holy moly I did not think it would work to this extreme. My hair is shinier, smoother, less frizzy, healthy and silky! I've always been more invested in my hair rather than makeup and whatnot - and this is hands down the best product I've ever bought for my hair. I love waking up and taking it off in front of the mirror so I can see my silky smooth hair bounce around - it's the best feeling.

Silk sleeping cap

Best sleeping cap ever!! My hair is so fine and frizzy most of the time and waking up after this cap was on has made my hair so smooth and grow so much better then it ever has been!! AMAZING!!!! Will never go back to sleeping without it! Hair is in better condition and so much more manageable in the mornings- LOVE IT!!

Silk pillow case

Amazing love it!! So comfy and cool especially in summer 😀

Woah. 100/10

Where to begin? My hair is smoother.. And not just when i wake up. I mean all day.
It is getting way less oily and i've started washing every 4 days instead of 2 days... That's NEVER happened before. Plus my hair always gets so tangled and that has become WAY less.
If you're still thinking about purchasing.. THINK NO MORE! Just BUY!! You won't regret it. May look a bit a weird when you go to bed each night, but you'll have fabulous hair when you wake up. Guaranteed.

No more tangles!

Love this cap, my hair is long down to my lower back and my hair always gets tangled in my sleep. Thanks to this cap my hair is neatly contained and less greasy with no tangles in the morning! Love it!

Sleeping Beauty

I love this. I wake up and my hair is in better condition than when I went to bed.