Our go to - the Heatless Hair Curler

Our go to - the Heatless Hair Curler

Sick of spending hours curling your hair for a night out? Sick of dealing with breakage from too much heat?

You want curls, but you want something quicker, and gentler on your hair. How do you achieve this? Well, if you ask me, I'd say it's easy.

Introducing the Heatless Hair Curler, a hair product for easy, beautiful curls! With just a few minutes of effort (and no heat), you can have those beachy waves and ringlet curls that last all day without ever touching your hair with a curling iron!

So, how does it all work?

In 4 simple steps:

Step 1 – Dampen hair & secure ribbon
Wet hair. Place the ribbon on top of your head, securing it with a claw clip.

Step 2 – Twist hair
Starting at the top of your head, twist your hair around the ribbon.

Step 3 – Sleep!
Secure ends with scrunchies and repeat on other side. Then all you have to do is remove the clip and sleep!

Step 4 – Reveal gorgeous curls!
Remove the scrunchies and lift the ribbon up, shaking out your curls as you lift.


Why it is good for your hair?
The secret behind the heatless hair curler lies in the ribbon that makes up the curler. Made of 100% mulberry silk, our heatless hair curling ribbon won't tug or pull at your hair. The properties of silk will allow your hair to easily glide along the ribbon - which means no frizz! Yay! 

We stock 2 sizes! 
The normal Heatless hair curler (HHC) is 20mm and will create tighter curls and is the size of most curling irons. The thicker HHC is 30mm and will create big bouncy curls that will look more subtle, especially when brushed out. The only other difference is the thick barrel is a stuffed silk barrel, so it's a little bit more flexible than the normal barrel.


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