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Silk sleeping cap
Model wearing silk bonnet
Model holding up green silk bonnet
Model wearing grey silk bonnet in bed
Features of the silk sleeping cap
Silk sleeping cap packing close up
Model wearing silk sleeping cap from the back
Silk sleeping cap small for curly hair
pink silk sleeping cap small
Small green silk sleeping cap
Small blue silk sleeping cap
large pink silk sleeping cap
Large green silk sleeping cap
Large grey silk sleeping cap

    Silk sleeping cap


    About the silk sleeping cap

    Every night we toss and turn against abrasive, absorbent cotton pillowcases. Inspired by the tradition of hair wrapping, silk sleeping caps protect your hair in a soft silk cocoon while you sleep. 

    No frizz or bed head.

    No more split ends.

    Natural hair oil dispersion from roots to tips

    Baby hair protection and growth encouragement.






    Reversible design made with a single layer of 100% pure mulberry silk: breathable and lightweight to suit all seasons. 

    Cotton is a very abrasive, absorbent material, and when your hair rubs against it at night, it creates friction between your hair follicle and the pillowcase.

    ✓ Silk on the other hand, is a low friction, natural material that lets your hair easily glide along it, eliminating the creation of split ends.

    ✓ Silk as a fiber does not absorb moisture, so your natural hair oils will not be pulled from your hair, leaving you with frizz.

    ✓ Wrapping your hair in silk protects its style in a soft cocoon, so when you wake up, your hair will be in tact and you won’t have that nasty bed hair.

    ✓ As your hair is bundled close together, your natural oils will disperse from the roots of your head to your dry ends, nourishing them with your natural hair oils.
    The silk sleeping cap has been specifically designed to ensure it is secured well to your head, whilst also providing a comfortable sleep. So you can set it, and forget it!

    As shown, the silk sleeping cap has elastic and silk ties at the back, so you can loosen/tighten it to your head size. The silk band around the entire diameter of the cap ensures a comfortable fit while you sleep. Whilst the body of the cap accommodates for your hair length/type.

    TO WEAR:
    Straight hair: we recommend twisting your hair at the nape of your neck and pulling it up towards the top of your head. Then with your other hand placing the cap over your head and tying it at the back.

    Curly hair: we recommend plopping your hair into the cap, or tying your hair loosely at the top of your head with a scrunchie (like a pineapple) and then placing the cap over top.

    It's as simple as 1, 2, 3

    Plop or twist hair


    Wake up frizz free

    300+ Reviews

    Real Results

    Why It Works


    Cotton is abrasive and damages your hair

    When Your hair rubs against cotton it creates friction, and leads to frizz, bed head, and split ends.

    Slik is a low friction material, so your hair can glide along it smoothly while you sleep.



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 449 reviews
    Karen White (AU)

    Silk sleeping cap

    Jessica (US)
    A game changer

    This is my first attempt at using a sleep cap and it's immediately proven worth the hype. I recently upgraded my bed sheets to pure cotton which has been great for my comfort but rough on my hair. Every night's sleep felt like it made my roots greaser and my ends brittler and drier, and I'd look like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket by morning.

    Not so with my new cap! It keeps my fine, wavy hair tucked and protected. I wake up with natural waves that literally bounce. My long bangs don't need to be restyled. It feels like there's an even distribution of oils throughout my hair, instead of the greasy-scalp-frizzy-ends situation I've been dealing with. No cowlicks. Most mornings I can just brush and go.

    I browsed for caps for a while and feel very satisfied with Strands of Silk — high quality at a fair price. The cap stays on my big ol' head comfortably. I appreciated the lovely packaging, the steady communication and quick shipping.

    Melanie (AU)
    Good quality, great service

    Recently ordered some pillowcases, sleeping cap and hair ties. All are really good quality and I love that they have zips on the pillow cases so they don’t slide off. Service was also great, Australia Post managed to lose my parcel, but I contacted customer service and a new one was sent and arrived promptly with a bonus hair towel! Couldn’t have asked for better service and I’ll be buying from them again in future

    Ryan Edwards (AU)

    Silk sleeping cap

    Nicola (AU)

    I look forward to sleeping so much more! I feel so luxurious sleeping in my silk cap AND it also makes my hair look + feel beautiful.
    The eye mask is the ONLY mask I’ve ever been able to sleep in but I don’t just tolerate it - I love it!! So soft and blocks out pretty much all light. I also got a free scrunchie with my order but I’ll be going back for more as it’s now my go to hehe! All positive vibes here 🙌🏼