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Strands of Silk

Slim silk scrunchies

Slim silk scrunchies

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The slim silk scrunchie is a hair friendly, chic alternative to you old, damaging elastics. Made from the highest, 6A grade mulberry silk, the silk scrunchie is gentle on your hair, reduces breakage, and won't leave annoying kinks. Not to mention, how cute and classy!

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Customer Reviews

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Deb McLernon (AU)
These scrunchies are awesome

I've often found that other scrunchies and hair ties break my hair but these silky ones are amazing!!


Love these slim silk scrunchies. I have med to long hair that I usually braid every night before sleeping. These scrunchies are soft, don't cause any noticeable kinks in my hair & stay on all night (under the Strands of Silk sleep cap). I was sceptical that they would hold my hair in a ponytail, but they do so marvellously. Again with no pulling or severe kinks after I take the band out. I've also noticed my hair doesn't get tangled/knotted or pulled out with these bands, which is great in helping to reduce hair fallout/loss. Would love to see an even wider range of colours.

M Carter (AU)
Great scrunchies

Work well, don’t pull out my hair, and they seem to be doing well with not loosing their elasticity

Gerlinde Jones (AU)
Great scrunchies

Great holding ability and nice feeling

Melissa McDonald (AU)
Love them

I use them everyday instead of hair ties.